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"Self Possessed"
"Ghost Town"
I was introduced to Lou Reed by a patron and friend in 1996. Lou came to the studio on 25th. Street
proclaiming that he would give me 20 minutes in the studio shooting. After spending an hour in make
up getting his mustache just right and being charmed by our stylist Marilyn, Lou threw the towel in 11 hours
later, showing us what a real Rock Hero was made of, all were smiles ear to ear. The limo Lou Reed ordered
had room for us all with a surprise from Lou himself, as we were all swept away to a private dining room
for a classic RockStar meal with liquor and fine wine that never stopped.

The next year I received a call from Lou and then my patron asking me if I wanted to go up the Hudson
on a fishing boat for a long day with an early start...wooo does a Rock Star like Lou Reed get up that
early?? Of course in those days I said yes to everything and off we went that next day. The plan was that
we'd all bring our cameras, kind of like a camera club going bird watching, except the concept was that we'd
all shoot each other and switch cameras in the process, which would give a 10 demenssional view to all personalities.
The passengers were Laurie Anderson, Ronny Catrone, Tatiana, Lou Reed, Roger my patron/model, myself and the
boat captain we hired. Some of the photos are included here and most still remain very personal. To say the least we all
had a very creative experience, and weeks later had a chicken dinner at Laurie's apartment to view all the shots. No one
ever showed each the shots again and never talked about it.... Artist Confussion I suppose.